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Electric Cars Team Sharing

    Team sharing is based on a personal relationship to shared cars.
    The fair-play distribution of sharing time should take into account:
  • Team Investment like leasing contribution
  • Team Activity like car cleaning and other maintaining
  • Team Competence like time being in charge as a leader
    The ion21Swiss system enables to include all these factors in a natural way through sharing 21 votes according to data registered in team tables:
  • 7 votes of Investment shared respecting data in Team Investment table
  • 7 votes of Activity shared according to the Team Activity table
  • 7 votes of Competency shared with respect to the Team Competency table
    Every 7 votes of Activity, Competency and Investment are shared among team members according to proper table data and the best free will:
  • 3 Free Votes are shared free to other members
  • 3 Tied Votes shared according to Should have per table
  • 1 Fixed Vote can be kept by an owner or free shared

Team Activity measured by time spent by supporting the project. The ion21Swiss system of EV sharing enables to increase member's own sharing time through car cleaning and other maintaining.

Team Investment includes all financial contributions to a given project. In a case of sharing electric cars, it could involve the share of buying price or leasing fees.

Team Competency appreciated with a high coefficient weight is an engagement in the team leader role, on the logistic or technical field. It can include personal education and professional experience too.

The ion21Swiss system enables to implement the fair-group sharing of the leased vehicle through the information, optimisation and navigation team processes.

The system also works to allow the sharing of electric cars across various nodes, to allow for effective procurement and supply of vehicles to passengers/customers who want to lease the vehicles for certain periods of time.

The ion21Swiss model takes into account the parameters setting andd data provided, integrates them into a database/Excel solution for optimisation of leasing vehicles from various nodes/dealers/outlets of the provider, and allows the customer to have a much faster take-up of his/her electric vehicle for the day.

Tesla Zürich
Tesla Zürich
Tesla Zürich

Electric cars
& environment

Gemmi Tesla

How do electric cars help the environment?

Electric cars are helpful for the Earth's environment because they don't give off as many harmful emissions as regular vehicles, as well as helping to protect the climate and reduce overall oil consumption. Another advantage of electric cars is that they save motorists on fuel costs.

Electric cars have no tailpipes, which means they produce no local emissions, and they leave a smaller carbon footprint than gasoline and diesel engines. Electric cars run quietly, and although they cost more than other vehicles, they are cheaper to run, as an electric charge costs less than gasoline.

Zero Tailpipe Emissions - nothing to pollute the air and adversely affect health, or add greenhouse gases to the environment. This is a clear-cut advantage over gas cars. Driving an electric car or EV (electric vehicle) promotes clean air.

Reduced Maintenance - EVs have fewer moving parts in their powertrains, and maintenance intervals are devoid of things like oil changes, spark plug replacement, and other services required by a complex internal combustion engine and transmission.

Quiet Drive, Instant Torque - In the days when the automakers’ art was being developed, people prized quiet cars, and paid extra for that experience. The most desirable nameplates up to the likes of Rolls Royce used to make the quiet smooth ride a chief selling point, and what a luxury it was. Well, EVs give this at no extra charge, and what’s more they deliver power differently in a satisfying sort of way. Namely, their motors have full torque – the work energy – from 0 rpm. Press the pedal and they scoot.

Subsidized - Depending on what state one lives in, as much as a third of a EV’s price may be underwritten by state and federal subsidies. At the least, the EV is permitted a one-time federal tax credit. Gasoline cars are cheaper, but they get zip, and free money is OK. Some people object to that, and they are entitled to this, but this society otherwise has said it wants to reward and encourage EV adopters, so the authorities smile on it, even if others don’t.

For a variety of reasons, including technological advances, environmental concerns, and entrepreneurial audacity, the market for pure electric vehicles, which was moribund for more than a century, is poised for a dramatic revival. Electric vehicles generate a range of short-term and long-term benefits such as reduced environmental impacts, innovation spillovers, and reduced reliance on imported oil.

Other Advantages of the Electric Car: 4-6 times higher efficiency as an internal combustion engine, No polluting byproducts because this car gets its power from batteries (the wind or the sun), Three times as efficient as gas engines, Is extremely safe, Compact, Gets better mileage than any other car on the road, Quiet to drive, Convenient, Durable

The analysis also found that across the lifecycle, around 40% less energy is required for an EV than a petrol or diesel vehicle. Electric vehicles also have lower levels of photochemical oxidation (related to the formation of smog) than petrol vehicles and EVs have the lowest level of particulate matter across the lifecycle. In use, EVs have no tailpipe emissions at all.

Network benefits - occur when subsidising electric vehicles today leads to incentives to develop charging infrastructure, which in turn increases adoption in the future, when presumably the electricity grid will be cleaner.

Innovation benefits - may not be fully captured by innovating companies and thus may justify subsidising the electric car market.

(1) Cheaper to run, (2) Cheaper to maintain, (3) Other savings, (4) Better for the environment: Less pollution, Renewable energy, Eco-friendly materials, (5) Health benefits, (6) Safety improvements, (7) Our energy security

Tesla Zürich
Tesla Zürich